Lynsi Torres is America’s Youngest Female Billionaire

By on January 6, 2018

If you have ever been to the westernmost United States, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas or Utah, then you have probably heard of In-N-Out Burger.  This regional burger chain and family owned business has a large following of dedicated fans.  At lunchtime and late into the evening, customers queue up in long lines at the counters and drive-thru for classic American burgers, milk shakes and fresh cut french fries.  This small privately owned burger business is so successful, it has produced America’s youngest female billionaire – Lynsi Torres.

Torres is now the owner and president of In-N-Out Burger with around 280 locations in five states, and her net worth hovers around $1 Billion.  In accordance to a trust, on her 30th birthday, she inherited half-ownership of the company from the chain’s founders, her grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, who began the operation in the Baldwin Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.  Torres will receive full control of the company when she turns 35.

The company culture is something of an anomaly, with an estimation operational worth over $2 billion, they are privately owned and slow to expand.  The company opts to only allow expansion under strict guidelines and proximity to their food distribution centers for fresh products rather than seek profits at the cost of losing quality controls.  An over her lifetime, Lynsi saw the company expand from a handful of stores to over 200 under the direction of her father and uncle,

Although Lynsi does not have any formal management training or college degree, there are no fears of her assuming control since the company was well structured to carry on in the event it’s family owners pass away.  As expected, the company growth will remain calculated, slow and consistent with its traditions.  And with several new distribution centers set to service Texas, there is talk of In-N-Out creeping eastward – much to the joy of fans.

Little is know about Torres herself except that she does not give interviews.  The little we do know, is that this mother of twins is an avid fan of racing cars like her father and grandfather before her.  And she bought a $17 million dollar home in Bradbury, California – which boast 16 bathrooms, pools, tennis courts and more – before popping up on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index upon receiving her inheritance this year.

The popularity of this fresh burger chain has little chance of fading and they will continue to garner a cult following far into the future – billionaire heiress owner or not.

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