Smart business solutions to help financial professionals interact with clients and prospects

FinancialSafetyNet – Is a distinctly innovative platform with deeply integrated rich content created to attract and maintain potential and existing clients. With educational articles and videos which build financial competency, FSN encourages people to learn more about financial concepts with tools to connect consumers with financial professionals in their regional area.  Get the most out of your online marketing efforts and turn traffic into business with consumers who are ready and willing to make smart financial decisions – be an expert and effectively spread the word about your services.

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Leverage your existing internet presence

By partnering with FinancialSafetyNet, you gain a new and improved method to generate quality business. Pull in the educated clients who are already interested in services you offer and support the financial education of new prospects.  Their financial success will ensure the growth of your business. You will find our co-branded solution a great way to educate your clients and see returns on your marketing investment.

Fresh, Up To Date Content

Consumers come to FinancialSafetyNet for fresh up to date resources on financial, investment and insurance issues. Our platform features tools which connect interested consumers with you, a registered financial professional listed in the FSN directory.  Best of all, we maintain the platform with quality content while financial professionals such as yourself  have options to be listed as a local FinancialSafetyNet Advisor, participate in answering user questions, and demonstrate your expertise by sponsoring your own personalized newsletter.



Stay Connected with the FinancialSafetyNet Newsletter

Financial Focus, the FinancialSafetNet Newsletter allows you to stay connected with clients, build trust and encourage consumers to advance their education with the aim of making informed financial decisions together. Spread the word to your clients and prospects with a personalized monthly newsletter showcasing new strategies, concepts and financial education through in-depth articles and videos.

Get In Touch With Everyone

In this tech savvy age, it is no longer effective to push products and services on consumers who have millions of choices at their fingertips. The FinancialSafetyNet website offers consumers specific content and a memorable user experience.  As a financial professional you are provided the opportunity to connect with consumers, enabling you to engage with them and inspire their financial education process. Our unique platform with its robust content and features is a pioneering implementation of pull marketing*.


*Remember when you last needed help with something and someone put you in touch with the very person who could help you. The person they suggested was just right – perhaps they were a specialist, or provided the exact product you were looking for. This is Pull marketing at work, and everyone wins. Your client gets the education to make informed financial decisions, you get the opportunity to engage with clients on a consistent basis. It’s a win, win scenario.


  • Opportunity to offer a personalized monthly newsletter to your circle of influence
  • Benefit from an entire site dedicated to increasing the financial competency of the public
  • There is NO content or website for you to maintain
  • Business prospects find you for less time and money invested
  • Join our network of financial professionals for inbound marketing opportunities
  • Initiate a long-term online marketing solution
  • As a registered FSN Advisor you also become an automatic Member of FinancialSafetyNet
  • Demonstrate your financial expertise with the FSN website library of articles and videos
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