• The Unique Life Insurance Needs of Women

    Many women have either no or too little life insurance. Historically, women were almost never adequately insured, however, today men and women are usually equal partners in supporting families on two (or more) paychecks. Life insurance is...

    • May 15, 2018
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  • Women Need Life Insurance Too! Protect Loved Ones and Find Tax Advantaged Savings

    Women now make up nearly half of the workforce and are a more central part to a family’s income than ever, yet they are also consistently under-covered and under-funded when it comes to life insurance. According to...

    • March 4, 2018
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  • Retirement Planning for the Long Lives of Women

    Historically, there has been a gender gap in retirement planning due to unequal wages, informal services and interruptions in careers, but according to a recent study, women are beginning to close the gap in retirement plan account...

    • March 18, 2013
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