Veterans and Spouses May Receive Help with Home Healthcare

By on January 9, 2019

If you are a veteran of any branch of the US military and served our country during a period of war, you may be eligible for over $34,000 of tax free income per year to help pay for your healthcare expenses.
Under a program called the VA Aid and Attendance Program, those who served our country during the following wars (whether overseas or stateside) are eligible for a special payment to assist them with providing care for themselves, a spouse or surviving spouse: WWII, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, or the first Gulf War.

This special pension is designed to help the veteran pay for the assistance of someone to help them with the activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, mobility, toileting, or bathing. If the veteran is over the age of 65, the need for care does not have to be service connected. Mental incapacity due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, hip replacements, or other diseases of old age may qualify the veteran or spouse for this benefit. Care can be provided at home, in an assisted living facility, or a nursing home and the care can be provided by friends, relatives, or professional staff. A person who resides in an assisted living facility is deemed to need the level of care necessary to meet eligibility standards.

Many veterans or their surviving spouse are currently living at home and require the assistance of someone to come in to help them with things around the house such as cooking, cleaning, etc. while at the same time helping them with buttons on clothing, getting from one place to another, etc. These individuals may qualify as well even though the majority of the services being performed are for household chores. Many of these seniors prefer to stay at home but cannot afford to have someone help them with these activities, while some of these individuals may actually remain at home because they feel they cannot afford to move to an assisted living facility. With this tax-free pension, they may be able to afford it after all. Or, the difference in income may be sufficient enough to allow them to move to a different facility that is closer to family, but was cost-prohibitive without the benefit.

A married veteran can receive over $26,000 per year tax free, while a single veteran may receive nearly $21,900 per year. The benefit for care for a spouse or surviving spouse is just over $14,000 per year. This pension is payable monthly and is paid directly to the veteran or spouse who in turn is responsible for paying the assistant. The total amount available is determined by the cost of care and is not limited due to current income.

Many seniors find the application process confusing and time consuming, however companies such as Emes Insurance Services, Inc. assist prospective applicants with the process. Gathering military records, marriage, birth, and death certificates, and financial records that are necessary components of the application process can be burdensome, but the payout can be significant. In addition, the application process can take over six months of processing time (although benefits are retroactive to the time of application) but may be decreased if you are using the services of a company familiar with the process.

The final analysis: If you or your spouse served our country during a period of war, check out your eligibility for this benefit. If you require assistance at home, if you currently live in a senior retirement community or assisted living facility, or if nursing care is inevitable, you may be able to increase your standard of living or move into the type of facility where you can receive the care you need.

You served us, now let us serve you.

If you would like a free brochure on this subject or would like to discuss eligibility for yourself or a family member, call Harold Goldman at (951) 833-6917.

There is no charge for an evaluation to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for this program and they can assist you in preparing your application for benefits.

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