Using Your Summer Job to Build Your Resume

By on February 2, 2017

With school finishing for the semester, there are many options for students as they start their summers. For those who don’t already have internships lined up there are still plenty of options to help fortify your resume while making money. Use as many opportunities as possible to help build skill sets that you might not otherwise get to work on during the school year.

Whether you’re attempting to get job related experience for your future career, or looking for an opportunity to explore different careers options while building valuable skills, there are multiple options for you. Use these opportunities to your advantage to allow yourself to build your resume, build and hone skills, and make some spending money. The economy may still be in a slump, making jobs slightly harder to come by, but use this opportunity to practice and improve your interviewing, management or networking skills.

Make the Most of Summer Job Opprotunities

Here is a list of potential summer jobs and how they might help your career in the long run:


This position is not always glamorous, but does have plenty of perks. Serving can be difficult, you must deal with difficult customers, learn to keep calm under pressure, work in a team environment and build time management skills. The benefits of a serving position include an opportunity to build your customer service experience, learn how to network while on the job, and truly understand the world of food allergies.

There are perks to the job. Most servers take at least part of their tips home after every shift (including your unreported tips), you will meet people from all walks of life, and learn to keep your cool while everyone around you is going crazy, and improve your memory.


Are you interested in being a teacher, pediatric nurse, doctor, or physical therapist? Being a nanny would be the perfect way to build your resume as you start to look at furthering your skill set. There are many options for nannies, anything from taking care of the neighbor’s children while they work to being an au pair in a foreign country. Not only can this path be beneficial in landing your ideal career, it can also be a great job to fall back on if you have difficulties finding a job right out of college. Building these contacts now can provide you with valuable recommendations for future positions.


Why not control your own hours and income this summer? Although it might be extra work, it will be invaluable to your resume, and potentially to your pocketbook. While the work and risk may be higher, the payout can also be exponentially higher. Whether it be mowing lawns, painting houses, starting a tech company, or starting your own food stand, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be their own boss, and even have the potential for management experience if their venture is successful.

Freelance Writer

While school gives you the skill set to do research and write papers, you can you use that in the summers for extra cash. Review businesses while you travel. Get paid to maintain a fashion advice column. Write social media or published marketing copy for business looking to improve their online presence.

The money is generally not as lucrative as serving or being a nanny, but you can set your own schedule and learn to how to construct concise copy. Many companies will even allow you to set your own workload, allowing you the freedom to pursue other opportunities at the same time.

Being a freelance writer can allow you to learn how to focus your opinions and learn how to write concise articles on a broad array of topics. Depending on the media company you work with, a writer can determine the amount of workload which afford them a decent pay. You can build on these skills in college, especially if you are interested in the world of web development, journalism, editing or marketing. Being a freelance writer can help build a strong portfolio of work that you can use when seeking out future jobs.


Many students choose to work in retail stores during their summer breaks (and winter), whether it is electronics, clothing, or sporting goods. Providing great customer service experience and networking with fellow employees can open up great opportunities for young students. Excelling at sales or service are skill which might support you in many industries outside of retail.

Spend multiple summers with the same retail company can provide an opportunity to move into management for a secure position after college, providing invaluable opportunities to start and advance your career. If you work for a store with multiple locations you may even be able to transfer from one store to another when returning to school, or after you finish school and want to move elsewhere.

Summer Jobs Should Mean More to You Than a Just Paycheck

With many opportunities to get your foot in the door, to gain valuable experience or risk of being your own boss, it should be easy to find a summer job that will help to build a strong resume as well provide compensation for fun in the sun.

Build a list of contacts which can help with future letters of recommendations, possible internships or career opportunities or even mentorship. Use every interview to build your confidence in speaking and selling yourself, and learn from valuable experiences or skills to support your growing sense of work ethic. The positions that you choose for your summer jobs will help to lay the foundation for your resume, your career and ultimately, your financial future.

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