Does Your Business Need Mobile Marketing?

By on December 11, 2018

Mobile marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful, cost-effective outreach tools for small businesses with 71% of small business owners planning to increase their mobile marketing budgets in coming years. In 2018, business spending on mobile marketing is expected to exceed $12 billion for the first time in history. To put it frankly, it’s no longer possible to ignore the potential of mobile marketing to increase exposure, sales and loyalty with customers.

How do you know if mobile marketing is right for your business? What kind of experience and strategies are right for your product or service promotion? And what will it cost to get involved?

Many small businesses owners are asking themselves these same questions when it comes to internet and mobile marketing. Just like any marketing endeavor, it’s important to be educated so that you can make the right decision for your business, products or service. Far from being some crazy new thing that requires years of tech experience to understand, mobile marketing is largely an extension of traditional, online and targeted social marketing activities.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the act of advertising to people via their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.. It’s really just an extension of internet marketing, as more and more people are starting to spend more time on their mobile devices and less time on their computers.

There are a lot similarities between internet marketing and mobile marketing but there are also some pretty important differences. Internet marketing tends to refer to website and email marketing campaigns, whereas mobile more specifically addresses people using smartphones and tablet devices.

One common way to advertise to people via mobile marketing is to place ads on their web browser, games, apps, social media forums and mobile websites. Companies like Google, Bing and Facebook have started offering ads that are formatted for mobile devices while other seek out more direct sponsored ads on mobile apps and games.

3 Aims of of Mobile Marketing

  1. Get discovered by new customers
  2. Educate customers about your business and build brand loyalty
  3. Expand your visibility with cost effective mobile advertising

4 Ways to Boost Your Business with Mobile Marketing

1. Manage Your Online Local Search Campaigns

Nearly 50% of all searches are for local business listing, with consumers using their phones to identify, locate and interact with local vendors

If you depend on local customers for your business, make sure they can find you. People are constantly searching for local businesses on their mobile phones and most businesses have not performed the optimization needed to ear good exposure for targeted key terms. Find and optimize your business listing in as many local directories as you can. If you haven’t create a directory listing on Google, Yelp, Yahoo or Bing, be sure to do so now!

If you have a marketer working on search engine optimization (SEO), speak to them about the various strategies you can employ to quickly improve your rankings in the local directories. These often require a different set of techniques so be sure your agent is addressing each local search directly.

2. Optimize Your Business’ Website to be Mobile-Friendly

Over 75% of mobile device users respond to mobile-optimized websites when making purchases

When it comes to mobile marketing, it’s important to have a website optimized for mobile devices so consumers can view and shop with ease. If you website was not built with mobile use in mind, you may want to rebuild it with a responsive design (i.e. one website whose design provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices) or create a separate mobile version. And if you have an image-based Flash website, it’s time to rebuild—you may think images are attractive, however, they have poor usability when it comes to mobile or search engine exposure.

Having a mobile website improves your local search engine optimization (SEO) for mobile searches and provides a better experience to the mobile consumer who checks out your site, especially via mobile ad campaigns. A mobile website also gives your business a web-savvy and professional look. It’s refreshing to be able to get to the information you need without squinting, zooming and struggling with a desktop version.

When you do go to redesign your website, be sure to put your address and contact information in a prominent place. This will make it easier for search engines AND shoppers can find your location and what services or products you offer. New websites can be expensive and time consuming, but as more and more traffic moves to mobile devices you are likely to earn back your initial investment quickly.

3. Maximize Your Social Media Exposure

Exposure is a key to growing your small business and mobile users are also social users. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter and review-based sites like Yelp, word-of-mouth can help your business create buzz around your brand. Plus it’s easy and is free (or just a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing).

Along with a clearly defined identity and professional appearance, be sure you optimize your social media pages so visitors can easily find your location, contact information and links to your website.

4. Try Some Targeted Mobile Advertising

Most local businesses aren’t fully prepared for targeted mobile advertising, but it should be a part of a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. Unless you are a development and design expert, you probably will need help to captured leads and converts them into actual sales. Just keep in mind that mobile advertising takes some time to produce the results you dream of – have a long-term approach and be prepared to review and update every few months.

Tips for Targeted Mobile Ad Campaigns:

  • Find a trusted developer to help you experiment with a small mobile ad campaign to see how it performs.
  • Set realistic goals for your campaign and make sure it can be measured – many systems offer analytics and reporting so you can track their performance and make adjustments as needed.
  • Use Mobile Ads as a component of a comprehensive marketing strategy which aims for long term value. Mobile advertising is an effective way to boost marketing efforts, but is not a replacement for internet and traditional marketing methods.

Small Businesses Can Master Mobile Marketing

Despite the numerous benefits, business owners (small business owners in particular) are still hesitant to get involved in mobile marketing as they operate under the perception that is is expensive complicated or time consuming. However, even the simplest of mobile marketing activities can bring a decent return on your investment.

As long as your business has a mobile-friendly website, accurate directory listings and an active social media presence, you’re well on your way to exploiting the power of mobile marketing. With, targeted local search efforts and a multi-channel presence, your business will be more visible and attractive to smartphone and iPad wielding consumers.

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